Fext, a text based nutrition tracking app

When you run a CrossFit gym, you want to make sure you members stay on top of their nutrition.

Fext: Text Message Based Nutrition Tracking Screenshot


Ken Crowder & Paul Klein of CrossFit 77 approached systemseven to partner in a start-up developing a next generation nutrition tracking application. Rather than search through a list of food, they wanted their end users to be able to send a text message and get nutrition information back (but also stored). They also wanted the service to be conversational, witty, and help you track your goals. They wanted to create the first Natural Language Processing AI centered around nutrition, weight loss, and food logging.


systemseven created a REST API with the popular PHP Framework Laravel that would recieve food & weight tracking information from SMS, interact with a user via SMS, and power a React based online dashboard where a user can view a history of their data.

In addition to creating the basic tenants of a REST API, systemseven also had to work with recieving and delivering SMS messages as well as parsing natural language input, analyzing user sentiment, and acting accordingly on the result.