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Carrigan Farms Swim Test

Carrigan Farms, LLC

Summer swimming just went high tech at Carrigan Farms

systemseven was asked to create a mobile-first, responsive platform that would allow lifeguards to administer swim tests as well as create an event history for every participant.


Laravel, Vue.js, PHP, MySQL, HTML5, SASS, CSS3, and JavaScript


When you see up to 500-700 people at any given event, how do you quickly and effectively conduct swim tests with your aquatic event staff?

Also, once you have conducted that test, how do you save the data? Access it later? What if you wanted to see an overall history of a person - what events they attended? how many swim tests they've taken?

It was with these questions that Carrigan Farms once again approached systemseven and asked if they could develop a custom event & swim test tracking solution.


systemseven created a REST API powered by the popular PHP framework Laravel that can process and return event tracking information. With this framework in place, the next step was to develop a guest facing & lifeguard facing application that would allow for the data to be collected.

systemseven chose Vue.js to power the front end to allow for clean JavaScript data-binding and user interaction. Also - Vue.js is lighter both in size and code complexity than a framework like Angular.js, which allowed for fasting loading and development time.