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American Military History Podcast

Justin Johnson

Delivering weekly episodes of one of iTunes top History Podcasts

A side project of mine is running one of the top 50 History Podcasts on iTunes and I needed a compelling website for marketing and providing resources to podcast listeners & subscribers.


Wordpress, Blubrry, PHP, MySQL, HTML5, SASS, CSS3, and JavaScript


Podcasting about history is difficult. How do you convey to your listeners who historical figures were? How do you convey how battles took place? What the terrain looked like? etc... the American Military History Podcast needed a place to tie in visuals with the podcasts audio information.

The secondary goal for the American Military History Podcast website was a way to drive donations to support the podcast and build the podcast mailing list.

Availability was the final concern - making sure that the website was available everywhere users can listen to podcasts, which means phones and mobile devices as well as traditional desktops.


The first phase of the project involved Information Architecture and grouping the podcast content into logical groups. Two main groupings emerged - topical and chronological. Each of these groups would contain relevant podcast episodes. Each episode, in turn, would be able to contain an image gallery to tie the visual into the audio.

Wordpress was the chosen platform to develop on due to it's integration with Blubrry, a popular podcast hosting platform and it's native image galleries and post/category architecture.

Donations are handled with Paypal and Patreon. There was no need for an API implementation, just simple "Donate" buttons. The project is also a mobile-first, responsive website which allows users to access the site from anywhere, at anytime.